How to Use a Grill Pan on Stove Top

How to Use a Grill Pan on Stove Top: Tricks and Tips

Are you living in an urban area? You are living in an apartment? But, you love grilling? For experiencing the feeling of outdoor grilling, you can use a grill pan. It will offer you a perfect grill. But, using a grill pan on a stove top is quite different from cooking in a normal pan on a stove top.

To cook properly by using a grill pan, you will need to follow some steps. To make these steps easy for you, today, we will talk about how to use a grill pan on the stovetop. We will also talk about how you can take proper care of a grill pan. Are you excited to know? Okay, let’s start.

How to Use a Grill Pan on Stove Top?
A Perfect Solution for the Urban Grill Lovers!

We will share some steps and that will provide you with the full idea about using a grill pan. Without wasting any time, let’s jump into the facts guys.

1. At First, You Need to Choose a Grill Pan

Here, are some tips that we are sharing below for you so that you can choose a perfect grill pan-

⇒ Pan with the Ridges That are Raised: We suggest choosing a grill pan with raised ridges. Because this type of grill pan is better than the normal one with shallow and gentle ridges.

How to Use a Grill Pan on Stove Top
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⇒ Pan of Cast Iron: A pan of cast iron is better than non-stick pans. Because these pans will sear the food much better than others. Facts about a pan of cast iron-

  • Cast iron pans are more difficult to wash than a non-stick pans. But, cast iron grill pans cook better food.
  • If you are using a ceramic stove top, then avoid a cast iron grill pan.

⇒ Pan with a Square-Shaped: Choose a square-shaped grill pan. Because it will give more space compared to round-shaped grill pans.

⇒ Choose a Pan with a Matching Press: You can choose a pan with a matching press. It will give your grills the grill marks. That will give a delicious look to your grills.

⇒ Pan with a Lid: If you want your grills like they are cooked on a grill, then you can choose a grill pan with a lid.

2. Then, You Need to Prepare Grill Pan & Your Foods

Here, are some tips that we are sharing below for you so that you can prepare the food and grill the pan before starting cooking-

⇒ Wash & Dry Your Grill Pan: Before start cooking, you need to wash the grill pan and dry it.

⇒ Cut Your Foods into Slices: If you want foods to be cooked perfectly then, you should have to cut your foods into slices. It will help to grill your foods perfectly.

⇒ Oil on the Foods: After cutting the foods into slices, you need to brush the food oil on the slices. It will help you not to get stuck on the pan. Some facts about oil use-

  • Try to choose food oil that can create more smoke.
  • Do not brush oil on the entire grill pan because it can cause a brunt of the food.

3. Then, You Can Start Grilling Your Foods

Here, are some tips that we are sharing below for you so that you will get to know how you can cook your food-

⇒ Preheat the Pan Before Start Grilling: You may preheat the grill pan for at least five minutes. Keep the stove heat at medium-high. Make sure that the entire pan has the same heat from every corner.

⇒ Placing the Foods on the Grill Pan: After heating the pan, you have to place your food on the pan very gently. You can use different types of grill equipment.

⇒ Make Sure the Pan is Covered: You have to cover your pan with the lid. So that your food will be cooked properly and tasty too.

How to Use a Grill Pan on Stove Top
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⇒ Keep the Food Getting Heating for One Minute: You have to make sure that you don’t move the food continuously. You make move the food after every one minute.

⇒ Rotating & Flipping the Foods: You have to make sure that you are rotating and flipping the foods every one minute or after two minutes. It will save your food from getting burnt. Even, your food will not get stuck on the pan.

⇒ Measuring Temperature: Before taking out the food from the pan, you need to measure the temperature of your food. If you are cooking meat, then it is a must thing to do. Make sure that you are doing it.

Some Tips for Taking Care of Your Cast Iron Grill Pan! Know Some Tips for Cleaning!

We talked about how to use a grill pan on the stove top. But, how do you have to take care of your grill pan after cooking? Now, we are going to talk about this. Here, we go-

  • Use Hot Water to Clean the Pan: After finishing cooking, you should use hot water to clean the pan.
  • You may Use a Cloth to Wash: After soaking with hot water, you need to use a cloth or other stuff to clean the pan with detergents.
  • Use Dry & Clean Cloth: You may use a dry and clean cloth or towel to dry the pan.
  • Seasoning Your Iron Cast Pan: Before storing your grill pan, you need to rub a light vegetable oil coat by using a towel paper. Then bake the pan for about one hour then let it cool down.
  • Storing the Pan: You have to make sure that you are keeping the pan in a dry place. It will help your pan not get rusted.
How to Use a Grill Pan on Stove Top
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you clean a cast iron grill pan?

Answer: We talked about this cleaning process above in detail. You may go through our above discussion.

Why do you need a cast iron grill pan?

Answer: An iron cast grill pan will give you more tasty food than others. Because it cooks much better food.

Can You Use a Grill Pan on a Glass Top Stove?

Answer: No, you cannot use a glass top stove for a grill pan.

Our Verdict

In our discussion, we talked about how to use a grill pan on the stovetop. Hope that now, you know to use it properly. We also shared our tips so that you get to know you can take care of it too. You can know more about us by knocking on us. You can throw a comment in the comment section or mail us. Best of luck guys.

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