Can you get a grill with crooked teeth

Can You Get A Grill With Crooked Teeth?

Are you someone with crooked teeth? If so, you wouldn’t be alone, and in our opinion, it’s not half bad. There’re many ways to make them look prettier if you don’t want to be stuck with steel braces for two years- which no one does. 

One way to combat the look is to get Grillz. They look great and are healthy for your teeth, too. But can you get a grill with crooked teeth?

Can You Get A Grill With Crooked Teeth
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Yes, even if your teeth are crooked, you can get a grill for them. Each grill is made specially designed for you, so it doesn’t matter how your teeth are. 

But how good of an idea is it to get grills if you have crooked teeth? Read on as we’ll have the conversation in this post.

How to Get A Grill With Crooked Teeth

Grills are custom-made for every person and can fit into any teeth. It doesn’t matter if your teeth are crooked, chipped, or if a few teeth are missing. Most grills are made in such a way they make your teeth look straight.

Even though grills can fit any type of teeth, it’s highly recommended you have proper oral hygiene and somewhat-straight teeth. Grills can often give off allergies or infections, so it’s highly recommended to keep your teeth clean and slightly straight.

Can You Get A Grill With Crooked Teeth
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It’s still going to work perfectly fine if your teeth aren’t straight; however, it may hurt since it’s hard to place grills on crooked teeth. So here’s how to properly place your grills in a way they don’t hurt —

  • Firstly, firmly place the grills on your teeth and adjust till it’s comfortable.
  • Then adjust the grill shape to match the shape of your teeth.
  • Lastly, wait at least 30 seconds for the silicone to harden correctly.

If your teeth still hurt after adjusting properly, it’s probably due to your grills still being placed improperly or having an infection in your mouth. It’s recommended to visit a dentist if it still hurts after placing the grills.

How Do Grills Affect Crooked Teeth?

Now that you know that grills work fine on crooked teeth let’s look at how grills affect crooked teeth. Grill covers are made of silver, metals, or gold and work as luxurious cosmetics. Most grills are re-adjustable even after the silicone has hardened, but some people decide to make it permanent.

You can make it permanent by putting gold crowns on top of the grills; however, it’s not always recommended. This is because grills can often cause your teeth and gums to hurt. Oral hygiene is more complex with grills as well, especially on crooked teeth.

Can You Get A Grill With Crooked Teeth
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This is because you need to make sure you don’t have any food or gunk leftover in your teeth grills after eating since that can cause infections or bacteria later on. On crooked teeth, the possibility of food being stuck on grills is higher. 

This is because food usually tends to get in places hard to reach, and crooked teeth increase the number of places food can get stuck. You have to make sure to have proper oral hygiene if you’re getting grills.

It’s recommended to be careful while brushing or flossing as well, since it may damage your grills or your teeth. If you don’t want to have food stuck in your grills, it’s highly recommended to take them off before eating and cleaning them regularly. 

How Expensive Are Grillz?

Grillz are usually made out of 10-24 carat gold or silver, sometimes other metals. This makes them exceptionally pricey, coming at around $200 minimum per tooth. It can range from $500 per tooth if you get a full 24-carat gold grill.

It’s highly recommended to get silver grills instead of gold grills since they’re harder to maintain and keep clean. Remember that grills are luxury items, so some of the pricing comes from the brands.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How can I clean my golden grills?

Firstly put your grills in a bowl with two cups of lukewarm water. Then add a few drops of dishwashing liquid, about two or three, and put your grills inside the water. Let it soak for at least 15 minutes, and then scrub it gently with a brush with soft bristles.

You should clean your golden grills regularly, especially after eating if you eat with the grills on. If your grills are dirtier than usual, soak them in the solution of dishwashing and warm water for 30 minutes and brush gently.

  1. Can you sleep while wearing grills?

No, never sleep with grills on. If you sleep with grills, the food stuck in your teeth would eventually produce bacteria or infections. Sleeping with grills can create extremely harmful acid from the bacteria, enough to permanently decay a few of your teeth.

Take your grills off before going to sleep and put them back on after brushing your teeth in the morning. Doing this can lower the chances of having bacteria in your mouth by a lot.

  1. Can I get grills from a dentist?

Yes, you can get grills from a dentist. For a dentist, putting grills on is similar to whitening teeth or getting new teeth. You can put grills on from almost any dentist; however, you most likely can’t buy the grills from a dentist.


If you came here asking, “Can you get a grill with crooked teeth?” you got your answer. Grills are custom-made, so they work for any shape of teeth.

As a final note, if you decide to get grills, the most crucial tip is to clean them regularly and take them off before sleeping or eating. You’ll likely get an infection or tooth decay otherwise from the bacteria building up between your teeth and grills.

Make sure not gently to push your grills into your teeth; otherwise, your teeth might hurt. Maintain these, and you’ll be good to go. Cheers!

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