How to clean weber grill cover

5 Awesome Tips- How to Clean Weber Grill Cover

Barbeque is one of the most popular ways to enjoy a weekend with your loved ones. And most of the time we do it in our backyards or someplace outside our house. Inevitably the grill needs to be covered to keep it clean. So, barbeque covers are used to do the job. But the covers also eventually get dirty.

You will be in trouble there if you do not know how to clean the weber grill cover. A dirty grill cover can have the complete opposite effect to what it was supposed to have. So, it must be cleaned with the necessary cleaning agent.

Cleaning the grill cover is a health concern. It should be taken seriously. But it is sometimes a tough job with all the sauce platter, oils, dirt, and debris from the outdoors. Not all the dirt comes out easily.

When Should You Clean the Weber Grill Cover?

So that now you know the importance of cleaning the grill cover, the next question is when or how often should you do it? Well, you can do it…

  • After every use. It’s good to be super hygienic with kitchen accessories.
  • Every now and then. If you don’t want to do it after every use then do it whenever you have time to do it.
  • When it becomes very dirty. Now you don’t have any choice left except for cleaning it.
  • You must clean it immediately if it’s infected with mold.
  • It is recommended by Weber that you at least clean the cover once every three months.

How to Clean Weber Grill Cover

There are different types of cleaning for the weber grill cover. They are slightly different from each other. Let’s go through them one by one.

How to Clean Weber Grill Cover
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Clean After Every Use

If you want to clean after every time you use the grill then the cleaning becomes relatively easy. Do the cleaning with these steps…

  • Debris removal: Remove any food particles or debris attached to the cover.
  • Soap water: Apply some soap water to the cover with a sponge
  • Rinse: Now rinse it with water so that the soap water is gone.
  • Air dry: Dry it in the air before putting it back on the grill.

Occasional cleaning

If you don’t clean it every time after using it, then at least clean it every now and then. For that the steps are…

  • Debris removal: The first step is to remove any food or debris from the cover.
  • Hose down: Hose the cover down. It will help the cleaner to reach deeper.
  • Detergent: Apply detergent with the help of a sponge.
  • Time to set: Give the cleaner some time to interact with the dirt.
  • Rinse: Now rinse the cover with water.
  • Dry: Dry it in the air.
  • Repeat: Repeat the process as many times as needed.

Cleaning moldy green cover

If left unattended for a long time the weber grill cover can become covered with mold. Let’s see how to clean mold off the weber grill cover

  • White vinegar: Apply undiluted vinegar directly where the mold affects.
  • Time to set: Let the vinegar sit on the cover for an hour.
  • Soapy water: Now apply some soapy water to the cover. Brush the surface with the water.
  • Vinegar again: If there is left some mildew anywhere, apply some more vinegar to the place.
  • Rinse: Now rinse it with clean water to everything.
  • Air Dry: Finally dry the cover in the air and then put it back on.
How to Clean Weber Grill Cover
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Cleaning vinyl grill covers

This type of cover is not always completely waterproof. So, be careful with the usage of water. Follow these steps…

  • Debris removal: As usual the first step is to remove any debris from the cover.
  • Soap water: Make some soapy water by mixing soap with hot water. Make sure the mix is foamy.
  • Use cloth: Use a piece of cloth to apply the foamy soap water on the grill cover.
  • Rinse: Rinse the cover with clean water. Make sure no foam remains.
  • Wipe: Wipe it off with a dry piece of cloth. And now you can put the cover back on.

Cleaning Traeger grill cover

The next question is how to clean the Traeger grill cover.

  • You can do it in the same procedure as the vinyl grill cover.
  • Use mild detergent or soap water.
  • Don’t use harsh chemicals like bleach.

How Often Should You Clean the Weber Grill Cover?

It depends on your usage and the amount of dust and debris collected on the cover. If possible, clean the cover after every use. That will keep your grill completely germ-free which is good news. But if it’s not possible to clean the cover every time you use it then pay attention to the level of dirt it has collected.

Whenever you realize it’s too dirty to use anymore, then this is the time to clean it. Remember it’s a health issue. And Weber suggests that you at least clean the cover every three months. So keep that in mind.

If you don’t have to clean it sooner it’s fine but doesn’t leave it unattended for more than three months. Not cleaning it for more than that can result in producing some germs on your grill. You don’t want that.

Tips to Protect Your Weber Grill Cover for Longevity? 

A Weber grill cover can blow off depending on where you live and where you keep your grill and also depending on the weight of the cover. To protect it from blowing off and to ensure its longevity, there are some measures you can take…

  • Gust guard: This thing was primarily designed to hold the car cover in place. But you can use it to hold your grill cover in its place. Just make a customized one for it.
  • Bungee cords: Choose a cord of the right length and wrap the grill cover-up and stick it to the grill. You have secured the cover!
  • Tuck the cover: Or you could tuck the cover under the lid. It’s the easiest way of all.
  • Magnets: Another way is to use a magnet. Just attach the magnet to the cover and then attach it with the grill body and it should be safe now.


Got more questions to ask? Follow the section below.

Is a Weber grill cover machine washable?

Can you machine wash a grill cover? It is heavily unrecommended. Some users may have put their covers in the washing machine and have found no problems. But there is a chance that the soap and agitation can damage your grill cover.

How do you clean the inside of a grill cover?

To clean the inside, brush it with a weber stainless steel grill brush. And wipe it off with a paper towel. It should solve the problem.

How do you clean a moldy grill cover?

Apply white vinegar to clean off the mold. Also, try some soapy water alongside to get the best result. If some mold is left then apply some more vinegar and repeat the process.

Are Weber grill cover waterproof?

Yes, they are completely waterproof. Has total protection against natural elements. It also has UV inhibitors in the fabric to protect it from sunlight damage.

How do I clean my Weber Q lid?

For the best result use the cleaner made by Weber itself. If not then you can use any non-caustic cleaner for the purpose.


Hygiene is something we can’t ignore even in the least important scenario. The weber grill cover is used to protect the grill from everything unwanted. But doing so, the cover itself becomes dirty. And at some point, it becomes so dirty that it actually makes the grill itself unhygienic to use.

So how to clean the weber grill cover is a necessary query. The above discussion has tried to answer all the questions regarding the topic. Keeping the grill cover clean essentially means keeping the grill itself clean. There are stages of cleaning. Do the least if you cannot do the best.

While cleaning keep in mind the level of dirt gathered on the cover and apply the preferred method for the situation. Also, know what type of cover you are using so that you don’t apply the wrong chemical to it. To ensure your and your family’s health safety keep your weber grill cover clean.

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