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Top 7 Best Wood Pellets for Brisket in 2022

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    Last Updated on 25/05/2022 by Mitchel Shawn

    Brisket is a massive amount of beef (usually between 10 to 12 pounds) taken from the breast. That means it is almost equal to your pectoral! But it could be more prominent for humans like John Cena or Keanu Reeves!

    Apart from the joke, we have to tell you one thing. You truly deserve the Academy Award for BBQ; if you nurture the skill to smoke a brisket correctly using the best pellets for brisket, you truly deserve the Academy Award for BBQ! The truth is cooking delicious meat by saturating a smoke flavor that doesn’t outgrow the meat’s original taste isn’t an easy task. Not at all.

    It really needs years of practice and patience. Except for the cooking skill, there’s still one thing you need to complete the task. That thing is the type of wood pellets you use to smoke flesh. The fragrance and saturating flavor mainly depend on the wood types of pellets you use to smoke a brisket. Here, we’ll talk about the 7 best wood pellets for brisket.

    What is a Brisket?

    Before the discussion, we need to talk about what is a brisket? We’ve already been told that brisket is a giant cut of beef taken from the chest.

    Basically, a huge portion of meat from the breast side attaches to the shoulder, ribs are actually called brisket. On the other hand, making a suitable smoked brisket may take time to master.

    It is undoubtedly one of the best cuts of meat to smoke and you can expect great results by selecting the right kind of wood pellets. Furthermore, the output can also matter on some other components like temperature, cooking time, etc. 

    Now, we’ll directly go to the wide discussion on the best wood pellet for smoking brisket. Let’s go – 

    Apple Wood Pellets

    Image   Features Price
    Bear Mountain Apple Wood Pellet Top Pick 💡Subtle sweet, smoky flavored wood pellets
    💡Perfect go-to mixture for ham, fish, poultry or vegetable
    Check Price
    Traeger Grills Apple Wood Pellet Best Budget 💡Light, slightly fruity smoke flavor
    💡Pairs especially well with Poultry, Pork, Baked Goods, Vegetables
    Check Price
    Louisiana Grills Apple Wood Pellet Premium Quality 💡40/60 blend of apple and maple
    💡Imparts a smoky, mild, sweet flavor
    Check Price

    Apple wood pellets are certainly one of the best flavor wood pellets for brisket that can be used for smoking brisket. These pellets produce mild flavors. Just like the fruit, the meat will provide a juicy and sweet flavor. You’ll get the shade of sweetness when you taste the meat. Apple wood chips are usually best for soft meats like turkey, chicken, ham, etc.

    Apple Pellets need hotter flames to burn. Moreover, they usually emit dense smoke. For this reason, Applewood makes it easy for the smoke to enter deep into the meat. After that, the pellets impart the traits of the sweetness of it to the meat. So, when you eat the meat, you’ll get the sweet flavor.

    Why is this a top-pick?

    Wood pellets are such a splendid choice for smoking brisket. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using it as a primary or secondary fuel, it will produce sweet smoke that could enthrall you! However, if you want to use it as a non-primary option, you should mix it with oak or other wood pellets.

    But, oak is the best option due to its sweet flavor. Red oak is the best of them. Mixing with other pellets is called dilution. It will provide you with a totally different experience in smoking brisket. If you are tired of traditional smoked brisket, then this is one of the best wood pellets for smoking brisket.

    • High-quality wood pellets
    • Typical fruity and sweet taste
    • Sweet smoke
    • Easy cleaning
    • Bit expensive

    Maple Wood Pellets

    Image   Features Price
    Bear Mountain Maple Wood Pellet Top Pick 💡Mild sweet, smoky flavored wood pellets
    💡Perfect go-to mixture for any meat, fish, poultry or vegetable
    Check Price
    Traeger Grills Maple Wood Pellet Best Budget 💡Mildly sweet flavored
    💡Pairs especially with Beef, Pork, Lamb, Vegetables, Baked Goods
    Check Price
    PIT BOSS Maple Wood Pellet Premium Quality 💡No added scents, sprays, or glues
    💡Ideal for grilling and smoking beef, chicken, pork
    Check Price

    Maple is generally a sweet, soft, and gentle smoky spectrum. If you don’t like heating smokiness, you should try it with Maple wood pellets for smoking brisket. It won’t disturb you for sure with dense smoke. However, most people think Maplewood pellets are too invisible for brisket. But, we think it could still give you a great natural flavor and it will definitely feed your wish for smoky brisket.

    Furthermore, it produces spicy flavors of the brisket. But, it will still give you a pure barbecue vibe.

    Why is this a top-pick?

    Maple is very useful against stronger flavored woods pellet during smoking brisket. It can lessen the acridity of those pellets. So, it will be a smart job to keep Maplewood pellets to soften the blow. Moreover, you can also use the remnant pellets to make pork, turkey, vegetables, cheese, etc.

    • Very gentle smoky spectrum
    • Can reduce the stronger smoking wood pellets
    • Apart from the beef cuts and brisket, it can be used for pork cuts
    • Can enjoy brisket in its distilled form
    • Take a bit long time

    Pecan Wood Pellets

    Image   Features Price
    Traeger Grills Pecan Wood Pellet Top Pick
    💡Ultra versatile, slightly nutty flavor
    💡Pairs especially with Beef, Poultry, Pork, Lamb, Baked Goods
    Check Price
    Bear Mountain Pecan Wood Pellet Best Budget 💡Balanced yet mild, smoky flavored
    💡Perfect mixture with meat, fish, poultry or vegetable
    Check Price
    PIT BOSS Pecan Wood Pellet Premium Quality 💡Premium grade, pure hardwood pellets for smoking brisket
    💡Ideal for grilling and smoking beef, chicken, pork, and vegetables
    Check Price

    This is one of the best wood for smoking brisket. It’s a great choice and produces robustly smoky wood pellet flavors. Pecan wood pellets can give a powerful taste, the sweet and exquisite flavor that goes very well with a great smoking brisket. On the other hand, the pellets of the wood burn quite slowly. Therefore, it can supply a silken flavor when smoking a brisket.

    However, don’t let the meat get heated by pecan smoke for a long time. Otherwise, it will produce a spiky smell which could be godawful.

    Why is this a top-pick?

    There is no risk of over-smoking the meat at all. It will give you a quality brisket that contains a sweet and rich flavor. Moreover, you will have the luxury of mixing pecan with other hardwood pellets to increase the flavor of the meat.

    • No over-smoking the meat
    • Can combine with other hardwood pellets to raise the flavor
    • Give sweet and rich flavor
    • Produce powerful smoky flavor
    • There’s a chance brisket can generate a sharp odor

    Mesquite Pellets

    Image   Features Price
    Traeger Grills Mesquite Wood Pellet Top Pick
    💡Boasting bold, robust flavor
    💡Pairs especially well with Beef, Poultry, Seafood
    Check Price
    Bear Mountain Mesquite Wood Pellet Best Budget 💡Balanced sweet, smoky flavor
    💡Infuse all-natural, robust flavor and tenderness into your next meal
    Check Price
    Louisiana Grills Mesquite Wood Pellet Premium Quality 💡35/65 blend of Mesquite and Maple
    💡Imparts a strong, tangy, spicy flavor that will bring out the Tex-Mex in your cuisine
    Check Price

    A perfect Texasian-type BBQ. Mesquite is widely known for making powerful and intense smoking brisket. It has the sheer capability to burn the pellets in a short time and produce a unique flavor of the brisket. Further, it can also create a strong earthy flavor which is damn exhilarating to smell. The taste is so much familiar to the Texas-born people.

    It’s better to combine Mesquite wood pellets with some soft and mellow-type pellets. It will create a normal atmosphere and soften the robust smoky blow.

    Why is this a top-pick?

    It burns fast and will help you to make delicious and perfect brisket.

    • Produce intense dirtlike flavor
    • Burns so fast
    • Make unique flavor
    • Very good at making smoking brisket
    • Use it with mild smoky wood pellets. Otherwise, it can overpower the originality of the brisket.

    Hickory Wood Pellets

    Image   Features Price
    Bear Mountain Hickory Wood Pellet Top Pick
    💡– Add a robust, smoky flavor to your favorite red meats, poultry, or vegetables
    💡Low moisture content provides the perfect smoke
    Check Price
    Traeger Grills Hickory Wood Pellet Best Budget 💡Great for naturally enhancing Beef, chicken, pork, and veggies with full bodied, bold flavor
    💡Pairs especially with Beef, Poultry, Pork, Vegetables
    Check Price
    CookinPellets Hickory Wood Pellet Premium Quality 💡100% hardwoods
    💡100% of NO oak or alder filler
    Check Price

    Although it doesn’t produce a sturdy smoking fragrance, it still can initiate a good amount of smoke. The overall taste of a brisket that is made with Hickory pellets is completely a unique thing. You can easily differentiate it and it is very popular with a big portion of BBQ lovers. The smoky aroma signals it is genuine which puts a bacon-type taste on the brisket.

    Additionally, it is useful in making delicious foods like pork, beef, etc. It is literally the best wood pellets for beef brisket.

    Why is this a top-pick?

    If you like the traditional way of smoking brisket, then you should put this one as your top priority. The flavor and cooking of Hickory wood pellets are simply amazing to taste.

    • Best wood pellets for beef brisket
    • Very tasty
    • 100 percent genuine Hickory pallets
    • Perfect for different types of grills
    • It also has the nature of over powering the originality of the meat like Mesquite.

    Oak Wood Pellet grill

    Image   Features Price
    Bear Mountain Oak Wood Pellet Top Pick 💡 Add a smooth, smoky flavor to your favorite red meat, fish, lamb, pork, or vegetable dish
    💡 Low moisture content provides the perfect smoked
    Check Price
    RecTec Grills Ultimate Blend Pellets Best Budget 💡An oak & Hickory blended pellets
    💡Works in all wood pellet grills
    Check Price
    PIT BOSS Oak Wood Pellet Premium Quality 💡Premium food grade pellets, pure hardwood
    💡Ideal for a pellet grill and smoke beef, chicken, pork
    Check Price

    This is another classic and resourceful smoking wood pellet. Oak is actually a medium wood pellet. It is more powerful than other wood pallets like Apple, Mapple, etc. However, it is much lighter than Mesquite, Hickory. So, if you’re looking for a medium level of intensity, then Oak will be perfect for you. In addition, it is also a very reliable and safer option.

    Further, these long-burning wood pellets tend to burn for a longer period of time while possessing the capability to reach a higher temperature. Oak pellets are good for indoor use because they produce white and clear smoke. 

    Why this is a top-pick?

    Oak is extremely suitable for smoking brisket. Its medium-level smoke flavor can blow the mind of everyone. Moreover, it is blended perfectly with the wood pellets flavor of choice. You can mix it with pecan pellets, apple, maple, or hickory and get a great output.

    • Add medium flavor
    • Combine with other wood pellets very well
    • Allow smoking brisket at a very high temp
    • Fit good to smoking brisket
    • Little pricey

    Cherry Pellets

    Image   Features   Price
    Traeger Grills Cherry Wood Pellet Top Pick 💡Naturally enhance baked goods, chicken, and pork with a subtly sweet, fruity flavor
    💡Pairs especially well with Beef, Poultry, Pork, Lamb
    Check Price
    Bear Mountain Cherry Wood Pellet Best Budget 💡Perfect fruity and smoky flavor
    💡Perfectly mix with meat, fish, poultry
    Check Price
    CookinPellets Cherry Wood Pellet Premium Quality 💡Sweet flavorful
    💡No Bark, just clean wood for less ash and more consistent temps.
    Check Price

    It is a mild flavor type of wood pellet. If you want to select more sweetness and less smoke, the Cherry wood is an excellent option. It has a similarity with an apple in this case. However, it creates an enormous amount of smoke. This wood pellet also burns very hotly. Its sweetness and deliciousness of it make it a perfect option for barbecue enthusiasts.

    The best way to use, integrate it with other wood pellets like Oak, Hickory, etc. Cherry smoke frequently attaches a bit of dark red color to the brisket. This is the thing that makes it tastier.

    Why is this a top-pick?

    If you want a shade of sweetness in the meat, then this could be a great choice.

    • High-quality pellet woods
    • The tasty and sweet flavor
    • Easy-cleaning
    • Combine with other wood pellets
    • Affordable
    • Pellets size are bit large

    Buying Guides

    There are so many options to choose from. Therefore, you could get confused about which one you will choose or best for you. To vanquish such a dilemma, we have listed a few things that could be very helpful for you. Now, please check out those factors carefully. 


    This factor surely matters to them most before purchasing a wood pallet. If you go for a cheaper option, then there’s a chance it doesn’t have additives. But, the expensive options will have additive or filler options. High-class wood chips will be made of 100% of the advertised wood. Before buying, check out the pellet bag carefully if there’s any dust in the deck section of the bag. If there’s too much dust, then avoid it. 

    Amount of Ash

    If there’s a huge amount of ash coming from the smoke, then you’ll find it difficult to clean it. As a result, it will be smart to purchase wood chips/pellets that can significantly reduce the ash. Moreover, the more ash comes out, the more chances your grill will lose its efficiency. So, think about it. 

    Avoid Bark

    Always try to avoid barking. Would you please check out whether the wood pellets have a bark in them or not? We are suggesting you purchase a pellet that doesn’t bark at all. Trust us; it will give you more comfort. 

    Low Moisture

    The volume of moisture in the pellets regulates how much effort it will take to uncover your pellet smoker. Usually, a pellet retains moisture of around 7 percent. If the number of pellets increases, you can be sure it will take a long time to get the flame.

    So, it will take more time to burn and other things. Big brands generally post their moisture ratio on the bag. But, vendors don’t store it for maximum time. So, the ratio is not proper at all. 


    Pellets are commonly similar to smokers or grills. Pellet manufacturers produce pellets by keeping similarities. It is helpful as it will allow you to work on a regular basis without facing any problems. However, it will be best if you check this before purchasing. 


    Different people have different tastes. One’s taste usually varies from another. This is very common. So, we are recommending you to purchase what kind of tastes you like more. As a result, many options in the market add different types of flavors.

    If you want to experience various flavors, then it would be a great idea. When you choose, think about what kind of taste you like most and act according to it. 

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    What brand of pellets is best?

    This is a very tough question. The reason is there are so many high-quality brands available on the market. SO, it’s damn difficult to choose a particular one. But, we think personally that the best Traeger pellets for brisket from Traeger and Bear Mountain are great options indeed. They will be expensive but these brands will serve the best and you won’t regret it after purchasing them. 

    Do wood pellets produce a massive amount of smoke?

    Not actually. Not all wood pellets produce high quantities of smoke. Some wood pellets like – Hickory, Mesquite, etc, produce the most smoke. 

    Do wood pellets go bad?

    If you can manage and save it in the right way, then it won’t. You should handle it carefully. After using it, fresh it and place the equipment in a cool place. And, please don’t throw it like a cricket bat. Just conduct it properly and it will be ok we can assure you.

    What is the best pellet flavor for brisket?

    Which pellet flavor is best, it varies from person to person but the most usable and choosable flavor is hickory pellets for smoking brisket. Again you’re always welcome to try your own choice as well.

    Can I Use Regular Pellets in a Wood Pellet Grill?

    Yes. But, it could be risky. It could be bad for your health. Even so, there’s a big chance the original taste will get ruined. Regular pellets aren’t made from high-quality woods.

    Additionally, they are manufactured from tasteless woods. Yes, they will price less but purchasing them definitely won’t be a good idea. So, this is the best decision to skip regular wood pellets. 

    How long do wood pellets burn?

    Honestly, it depends on various factors. Your cooking temperature, wood pellets you are using, etc, factors rely on this matter. Sometimes, the outdoor temp also has a big effect on it. Usually, 1 pound of wood pellets takes almost an hour to burn. If your pellet smokers have more insulation, then wood pellets take a long time to burn. 

    On the other hand, less insulation takes less time to burn. If the grilling heat is high, then it will take 20 mins to burn the wood pellets.

    Are wood pellets safe for health?

    Generally, wood pellets are made of natural Hardwood. Those kinds of woods are safe and secured. But, using heating pellets is a suicidal decision. The brisket won’t be tasty and it might affect your health due to the contamination. Therefore, always try to use food-grade wood pellets.

    Final Thoughts

    Wood pellets are very important in making good brisket. So, choosing a better product is essential. If you can add the right pellet to your grill, you will be able to enjoy a great flavor.

    Moreover, it will be healthy and hygienic too. As different types of best wood pellets produce different types of flavor; this is the best decision to take the time to find what suits you the most. 

    If any of your friends, relatives, or partners are searching for wood pellets or feeling confused about buying, then please share this article with them. Contrariwise, leave your question, tips, and comment in the comment box. We would love to listen to what you say.

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