What Size Grill Cover Do I Need

What Size Grill Cover Do I Need: Choose the Right Cover

Let us inform you guys that the proper size grill cover is very important for the full protection of the overall grill. For getting the best performance, you will need a larger cover compared to the grill. The cover can be 1-2 inches larger than the grill that you are about to cover. We also recommend choosing a little shorter cover compared to the height of the grill. Now, you may have a question that what size grill cover do I need? Right?

Well, we are going to talk about how you can choose the perfect size grill cover for the protection of your grill. We are very hopeful that our instruction will help you to choose the right cover. Interested? Let’s begin.

What Size Grill Cover Do I Need? BBQ Cover Sizing Chart!

We are going to share some steps that will help you to make the right decision in choosing the perfect cover. But, before that, we want to share some knowledge with you and the general size of a grill cover. Here, they are-

  • Height (H) of the Cover: Height is the measurement that is calculated from the top of the grill to the bottom of the grill or the ground.
  • Width (W) of the Cover: Width is the measurement that is calculated from the back of the grill to the front of the grill (end to end calculation).
  • Length (L) of the Cover: Length is the measurement that is calculated from one side of the grill to another side of the grill (side to side calculation).

Let’s have a look at the general size chart of a grill cover:

Height (H) of the CoverWidth (W) of the CoverLength (L) of the Cover
45 inches30 inches80 inches

This chart generally goes for all types of grill covers in general. But, the cover sizes can change with different types of grill covers. So, if you want to choose the right cover, then, we would suggest having a look at the following steps.

How to Choose the Perfect BBQ Grill Cover? Want to Know?

Now, we are going to share some steps with you guys. We hope that the following steps will help you to choose the right grill cover. Here, we go-

Step – 01: Sketching a Simple Picture of Your Grill

Before choosing a grill cover and measure the sizes, you have a sketch of a picture on paper of your grill. This will help you to understand the right shape of your grill, and your measuring task will be easier.

Step – 02: Measuring the Height, Length, and Width

You have to take a measuring tape. In the next step, you are going to measure the height of the grill from the bottom to the top of the grill. Then, you have to measure the length which is from one side to another side. After that, you need to measure the width from the back to the front of the grill.

Step – 03: Choosing or Buying the Grill

When you are about to choose a cover or buy a cover. You may take the cover with the accurate size of the grill that you measured. Or, you may choose a cover one or two inches larger. But, we would suggest taking a larger cover for better performance.

Step – 04: Following the Instructions

If you choose a cover from the market, then you would find some instructions in the cover’s packaging. You must have to follow these instructions. Because these instructions are from the manufacturer of the cover.

If you follow these above steps, then you will have the perfect sized cover for sure. We tried to make it easy for you to choose a cover with a perfect size. Have you got it, now?

Why a Grill Cover is Important for Your Grill?

Now, we are going to share some reasons with you guys that will make you understand a grill cover is important. Let’s know them without wasting any time-

  • The grill cover will protect your grill from getting drenched in the rain
  • Your grill accessories will remain safe if you use a grill cover
  • The grill is made of steel and the cover will make sure that your grill is safe from getting rust
  • Your grill cover will prevent the moisture from your grill
  • If you have a cover then you don’t need to worry about what if your grill gets dirty. Because your grill cover will prevent all the outdoor dust from your grill
  • The corrosion is very dangerous for any metal form elements. The grill cover will save your grill from salt corrosion
  • Cold weather, rainy days are not good for a grill. And, your grill cover save your grill in these weather
  • If you have a grill cover then it will extend the life of your grill. Because proper care of anything is really good for getting the best service from it
  • You will use the grill to cook food and it is directly connected with our health. So, most importantly, a grill cover is essential for your health and food

After going through these reasons, you might have now decided to have a grill cover. Don’t you really want to have a grill cover?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are BBQ covers good or bad for a grill?

Answer: Obviously, BBQ covers are good for the grill and even for your health.

Does a cover prevent a grill from rust?

Answer: Yes, a grill cover will prevent rust from your grill.

Is it important to cover the grill in the summer?

Answer: It depends on where you are living. But, we would suggest covering your grill in all weathers.

Final Words

Have you got the answer to “what size grill cover do I need?”. We hope you have now proper knowledge of it. It is very important for a grill cover to save his or her grill from getting rusty, dirty, and unhygienic. If you want to know more then feel free to knock us. We will be at service very soon.

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