How to use a Charcoal Grill As a Smoker: Simple Techniques

You want to cook with slow and low smoke but, you don’t have a smoker? But, love this great way of cooking! You are tempted and love to tender the meat, but, you don’t know how you can do this without a smoker.

Don’t be disappointed by thinking that you cannot have a smoked barbeque. To fulfill your interest, today, we are going to share a solution with you.

You can use a charcoal grill as a smoker. Do you know how to do it? Well, we are going to share how to use a charcoal grill as a smoker, interested?

We hope that now, you can have smoked barbeque. Let’s know how to do it.

Charcoal Grill vs. Smoker

Well, instead of using a smoker, you can use a charcoal grill. Before talking about how to use a charcoal grill, we will share the difference between a charcoal grill and a smoker. Here, they are-
➢ The main difference is that smoker keeps the fire space in the other space and the charcoal grill directly places the fire under the food
➢ Smoker produce less heat compared to a charcoal grill
➢ A smoker cannot produce heavy heat but, on the other hand, a charcoal grill can do both

How to use a Charcoal Grill As a Smoker?

-Tips & Techniques. Let’s Make a Tender & Smoked Barbeque

Well, now, we are going to share with you guys the whole process or how you can use a charcoal grill. Getting excited? Okay, let’s jump into the deep discussion.

# Collection of the Necessary things

At first, you will have to collect the necessary things for making the smoked barbeque. Here, the list of important things given below-
➔ A charcoal grill
➔ Fuel (you can use charcoal or hardwood as fuel)
➔ A thermometer that is oven-safe
➔ You will need a cooking grate
➔ A water pan
➔ You will also need to collect a drip pan
All of these things, you can collect from the market. You will need to collect the food that you want to cook. And, of course, you will need time to do the task.

# Building the Fire

After collecting all the necessary elements, you are ready to build the fire. To build fire, you can follow the steps mentioned below. That will make your task easier. Here, they are-
➔ Remove the cooking grate from the grill
➔ Build the fire on the one-half side of the grill
➔ Try to place the grill and fire on the windward side, if it is a windy environment
➔ Placing the grill and fire is vital according to the airflow because it is the main crucial part
➔ Make sure the fire is enough to provide enough heat to the food for grilling
Well, fire building the most important part of tasty grilled food. If you failed to set a good fire, then be sure that your food is not going to be tasty. So, put more importance on it.

# The Smoker Assembling

If you are done with the above-mentioned tasks, then your grill is now ready to be turned into a smoker. To making a smoker, you may follow the following steps. We can assure you it will be easy for you. Here, they are-
➔ You need to place the drip pan on the other side of the grill that is in the exact opposite direction of the fire
➔ Make sure that there is no charcoal under the drip pan
➔ Now, put the cooking grate on the grill again
➔ If the coal is hot and good then you are ready to cook
➔ Then, you need to place the water pan over the burning coal directly
➔ Make sure that the water pan is full of two-thirds with hot water
➔ Then, you will need to place the meat over the drip pan on the other side of your grill
➔ After that, you need to put the thermometer just next to the meat
➔ With a lid, you have to cover the grill

# The Vents Adjusting

This is another vital part of the grill. According to your charcoal grill, you will need to set the vents. That will help the airflow coming in under the fire and getting out over the meat through the vents.

Over the meat and over the water pan, through the fire, the vents will draw the air before it leaves. This makes the meat tastier, tempted, and tender too.

# The Smoker Maintaining

While you are cooking the grill, you need to make sure that the grill is covered with a lid. You need to cover it as much as possible. But, you need to keep an eye continuously on the fire and temperature.

Add the charcoal periodically so that can produce fire and heat constantly. You have to keep the perfect temperature to get more tasty food.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to use a charcoal smoker?

Answer: Here, we are going to share some steps that will help you to use a charcoal smoker-
➢ The fuel preparing
➢ Fulfilling the water pan with cold water
➢ Light up the coal with the use of a charcoal chimney
➢ To the cooking area, add the meat
➢ You must control the temperature
➢ You need to add the chunks of wood
➢ Let the meat or food cook slow and long

How to smoke low and slow on your charcoal grill?

Answer: Well, we have talked about this topic above. You may go through the above discussion. We hope you will get learned how to do this.

Our Verdict

We hope now, you know how to use a charcoal grill as a smoker. We tried to bring all the related information through our research. So, you can have a smoked, delicious, tender, and smoked grill without having and using a smoker. A charcoal grill gives you smoky food if you follow our above instructions.

Want to know anything related to this topic? Just free to talk with us. You can knock us and we will appreciate your knowing’s. You can comment or mail us. Best of luck guys.

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