Best Grill Cover for Weber Genesis

7 Best Grill Cover for Weber Genesis of 2022

What is the best grill cover for Weber genesis? If you are a lover of barbequing, you must know the fact that grills of all kinds are the most exposed parts of any barbequing or grilling device. Grill cover becomes the most essential thing for fire hazards. This is why grill covers are so important for the safety of ourselves and even our grills.

As soon as you place your grill cover on your grill, you will notice that it protects your grill from the heat. It also gives a decorative effect to your grill. So, If you are a grill fan and love grilling then this article is for you and let’s get the ideal grill cover for weber genesis.

Our Recommended Top 3 Best Weber Genesis Grill Cover

Image Customer RatingsPrice
Kingkong 7130 Grill Cover for Weber GenesisTop Rated

Kingkong 7130 Grill Cover
💡 Water resistance-4.8
💡 Weatherproof- 4.8
💡 Sturdiness- 4.7
💡 Material quality- 4.7
💡 Value for money- 4.6
Check Price
Kingkong Gas Grill Cover 7553Editor Choice

Kingkong Gas Grill Cover 7553
(With Accessories)
💡 Water resistance-4.8
💡 Weatherproof- 4.7
💡 Durability- 4.7
💡 Material quality – 4.7
Check Price
Weber 7130 Genesis II CoverTop Pick

Weber 7130 Genesis
💡 Water resistance-4.6
💡 Durability- 4.2
💡 Material quality- 4.2
💡 Sturdiness- 4.2
💡 Money worthy- 4.0
Check Price

The 7 Best Grill covers for the Weber Genesis in 2022

In this research and discussion, we’ve enlisted a total of 7 products that we think will be perfect for the most popular outdoor grill brand weber genesis and created an overview and analysis of those products. Let’s begin the discussion on 7 Best Weber Grill Covers Reviews – (Weatherproof & Heavy Duty).

1. Kingkong 7130- Best grill covers for Weber Genesis 3 Burner Gas Grills

Kingkong 7130 Grill Cover for Weber Genesis

Product Features:

  • Product Dimensions  58 x 25 x 44.5 inches
  • Item Weight – 5.41 pounds
  • Fabric – Polyester
  • Manufacturer  Kingkong Inc.

The grill cover will go well with Genesis II 3 burner & Genesis 300 Series grills. The width of the grill can range from 52 to 58 inches. This is made from premium and robust polyester fabric. It can resist water, UV, and rip. The bound edge of this product can protect the BBQ cover from any disastrous situation.

UV ray resistance can successfully repel the sunlight and protect the grill from excessive heat. On the other hand, the cover is made of polyester material. It is essential in water-resisting as well as supplying durability to the grill. The Velcro straps help to keep the grill safe and secure fit. First, put the cover over the grill. Now, tie the straps properly. It will not let the strong wind blow away the cover.

Cleaning up the cover is not a tough task. You can easily do it many times. Just take a hose of clean water. After a few minutes, it will be dirt-free. Now, dry up the grill cover in the sun on your rooftop. It will be ready to use after a few minutes. The cover suits most of the Weber Genesis Series 300 grills. It is highly durable even in harsh weather conditions.

The new generation of unique craft fabrics can save the grill due to its highly configured water-resistant quality. The cover is heavy-duty and absolutely amazing. The quality is too good and it is similar to the original Weber product. Moreover, it will come with 3-years of warranty.

2. Kingkong 7552- Best Grill Cover for Weber Genesis Silver B

Kingkong 7552 Cover for Weber Genesis

Product Features:

  • Product Dimensions 61″L x 22″W x 37″H
  • Item Weight – 5.2 pounds
  • Fabric – Polyester
  • Manufacturer  Kingkong Inc.

This is a wind-resistant grill cover. It is perfect for the Genesis models 2000, 5000, Gold C, weber genesis silver C and Gold B. The cover of the grill is built with durable woven polyester fabric. The strong polyester fabric can productively repel the bad influence of harsh weather. This is a very high-quality product and it can last a long-time if you can manage it properly.

Moreover, Kingkong 7552 is water and rip-resistant. The fabric is breathable. Therefore, it can pass the airflow from the air vents. It also avoids the accumulation of moisture. Hence, it can successfully thwart the rusting of the grills. The superior material of the product can stand off harmful things like UV rays, water, and rip.

The cleaning is not so complicated. But, you have to cleanse this product with clean water. The fabric is so soft and it makes the cleaning job much easier. Large Velcro straps provide safety and security. Due to this one, the weber genesis grill cover doesn’t blow away during heavy wind. The product is well-made and built with fantastic materials. The tools are also lovely. Besides, the quality is too good and the pricing is in a reasonable range.

Furthermore, Kingkong 7552 is famous for its long-term durability. The outside of the grill is a rubbery component and the inside is a pulpy, thick canvas. This is a really very good value for money.

3. Weber Genesis Model 7130- Best Weber Branded Cover

Weber 7130 Genesis II Cover

Product Features:

  • Product Dimensions  7.2 x 2.9 x 10 inches
  • Item Weight – 1.28 pounds
  • Fabric – Polyester
  • Manufacturer  Weber

The grill cover is absolutely perfect for the Weber Genesis II 3 burner series and Weber Genesis II LX 300 series of gas grills. The grill cover is made of Premium heavy-duty polyester fabric. It is breathable and can protect the grill from different types of harsh weather conditions like heavy rain, and extreme direct sunlight. Moreover, due to its breathable nature, it allows air circulation and bars water droplets from taking place.

There is also a Velcro strap. This strap helps to hold up the cover even in a stormy wind. Additionally, UV inhibitors in fabric resist fading. The grill cover is also delicate and hard. It is balanced with all types of weather. As this is a lightweight product, you can carry it easily and fold it in the store too.

It is also a cheaper option. The Genesys 2 cover is excellent in its construction. Hence, the material is thin. This thin material catches your grill more closely. As a result, the chances of dust and smudges are too low.

This is 4 inches wider, and a separate 2 inches on both sides should make it easier to put on. The whole product is made of the finest material and it is an excellent fitting BBQ cover. No doubt about this. Further, it is also worth the price.

4. CHEFUN 7107- Best Grill Cover for Weber Genesis ii e-310

CHEFUN 7107 Grill Cover for Weber Genesis

Product Features

  • Product Dimensions  60 x 28 x 44 inches
  • Item Weight – 2.36 pounds
  • Fabric – Polyester
  • Manufacturer  CHEFUN

Chefun grill cover is made of 100% polyester fabric. It can repel the grill from severe conditions like sunlight, sand storm, stormy wind, rain, etc. Moreover, the Chefun grill is made with the latest addition of polyester fabric. It contains a waterproof coating.

Therefore, rainwater can’t seep into the hood and successfully prevents rainwater from reaching the grill. As rainwater can’t reach into the grill, the coating keeps the grill safe from corrosion.

Furthermore, there is also UV coating on the outer cover. So, Ultraviolet rays can’t reach the grill. This fabric is highly durable and has the capability to safeguard the grill from tearing and fading. There are also fine-tuned Velcro straps. This strap is important to provide security during windy days. The product consisted of 600D Heavy-Duty Durable Material.

This first-class material plays an important role in the harsh weather resistance and the dust-proof of the product. Moreover, The cover is made using fade-proof material. As a result, there’s basically very little chance that the color is going to fade under the sunlight. The advantageous side straps can help fix and forestall the gas grill cover from being brushed off.

On the other hand, the gas grill cover is quite easy to clean. All you need to do is hose the water tap and that’s it. It will get freshened up. It is also convenient to use. The Chefun 7107 is fairly lightweight and perfectly fit. This product has no water leak and comes with 3-year worry-free after-sales.

5. DallasCover 7130 Grill Cover Fits Weber Genesis II 3 Burner

DallasCover 7130 Grill Cover Fits Weber Genesis

Product Features

  • Product Dimensions  58L x 25W x 44.5H inches
  • Item Weight – 2.2 pounds
  • Manufacturer  DallasCover

The 7130 Grill cover is suitable for Genesis II 3 Burner, Genesis 300 Series and Genesis II LX 300 series gas grill. It is a heavy-duty cover and breathable. Due to its breathability, it can seep the water and protect the grill from corrosion. Therefore, it is also a corrosion-resistant product. Moreover, DallasCover 7130 grill is water-resistant, weather-resistant, UV-resistant, and dust-proof capability.

For these reasons, your grill will keep intact, better-shaped, and colorful. It will keep your outward BBQ grill neat and clean. Therefore, the lifespan of the grill expands.

It is also very flexible to use, quick-dry, and safeguards the surface of the machine from damage. It also can repel rain, neutralize tears, and cold cracking. This is a very versatile cover and can fit with most grill brands.

The material of the product is simply fantastic. It is made with high-grade polyester. So, it can ensure the safety of the cover against winds and rainwater. The cover is lightweight and it is very easy to pull on and off your grill. The adjustable large Velcro straps give the cover more stability. These straps make the cover tighter. Thus, the grill won’t be blown away by the wind.

Additionally, the polyester is fade-resistant and adds more value to this cover. Besides, the cover is very easy to clean. Just wipe it with a wet cloth or hose with water. After a while, you’ll see all the dirt is coming off and the whole thing is clean. It is also very convenient to use and much cheaper.

6. Kingkong 7553- Recommended Grill Cover for Weber Genesis 330

Kingkong Gas Grill Cover 7553

Quick Features:

  • Product Dimensions  60 x 24 x 44 inches
  • Item Weight – 5 pounds
  • Fabric – Polyester full-length grill cover
  • Manufacturer  Kingkong

The Kingkong grill cover is manufactured for Weber Genesis E and S Series gas grills. This cover is made from sturdy polyester and PVC coating (Polyvinyl chloride). For this reason, this cover is so promising.

The polyester it is made from is newly developed and more high-quality than usual polyester. It is all-weather resistant. Moreover, it is water-resistant. As it is built from first-class ingredients, this product can save your BBQ from rainfall, snow, extreme sunlight, and fading.

On the other hand, the King kong cover is crack resistant and can soak up UV rays without a problem. It also contains matchable Velcro straps. So, there’s basically no chance of wind blowing it away. The cover is also simple to clean. You just hose it with water. After some time, let it dry under the sun. You’ll see it will be fit for the next venture.

Furthermore, Kingkong Gas Grill Cover 7553 is easy to use. It is lightweight and takes little time to get ready! However, do you know what’s the most significant part of this product? You’ll get a stainless steel grill brush, a grill tong, and a grill thermometer with it. A snug fit is assured.

Another vital part is this cover is 100 percent water-proof. If your home is in a place where rainfall comes frequently, then you can go for this one. You won’t be disappointed indeed. Further, the double stitching on the core keeps the cover intact while boosting its durability and prolonging its lifespan. Kingkong grill cover enjoys 36-month worry-free after-sales! This is another big advantage of this cover.

7. CHEFUN- Weber Genesis 4 Burner Gas Grill Covers


Quick Features:

  • Product Dimensions  58 x 25 x 44.5 inches
  • Item Weight – 2.4 pounds
  • Fabric – Polyester cover
  • Manufacturer  CHEFUN

This product is made of 600D durable polyester fabric. On the opposite, this fabric supplies greater durability. It is breathable and fit. It fits very nicely with most household grills. Hence, most of the popular grill brand’s cover is waterproof it has also the same feature. As it is water-proof, there’s basically no chance of corrosion and stains. There are also UV inhibitors in the fabric. These inhibitors help to combat fading.

On the other hand, CHEFUN 7131 Grill Cover contains two Velcro straps. These straps assist in keeping the cover safe. The comfortable side straps help to tighten the cover and reduce the chances of the cover being blown off. Besides, the cover is adjustable, and easy to put on and put off. As the product is made of heavy-duty polyester fabric, you can be sure about its longevity.

Furthermore, they are fairly lightweight but fit well and cover the grill perfectly. The gas grill cover is also easy to clean. All you need to do is wipe it with a wet thing or hose it down with water. You’re done! It will get clean very soon! Dry up the gas grill cover under the sun and use it for the next mission.

The CHEFUN 7131 Grill Cover is quite easy to clean. You just need to wipe it with a wet thing or hose it down with water. After a while, you’ll see the dust and smudges have gone and it’s clean like the very first time! After that, dry up the gas grill cover under the sun to use it for the next time.

Hence, the product is very good quality, the right size and works well. The CHEFUN 7131 Grill Cover has 3 years warranty and 60 days money-back guarantee. In a nutshell, your lovely grill will be protected by its various damaging ingredients.

Tips for Choosing the Grill Covers for Weber Genesis- Buying Guides

Before purchasing a grill cover, you must keep some factors in your mind. Otherwise, things could get backfired. Here, we are giving some important criteria you should note down before acquiring a grill cover. Let’s take a look –


The size is an indispensable factor to choose a grill cover. If the size of the grill is big and you purchase a small cover, then it won’t bring any good to you. However, most grill covers nowadays are free size. As a result, any cover could be suitable for your grill.

But, things could be changed for big grill covers like the one with four burners. If you own such a cover, then you must check out its size of it. Before purchasing, please check out the dimensions of every grill cover in the comparison table to make a proper selection.


If you’re a vivid grill enthusiast, then we can assume that you’re pulling the grill cover over and over. If you pull this on a regular basis, there’s a chance the cover and grill can be damaged. For this reason, you have to buy a cover that is made from high-quality material.

Carefully look at the stitching, durability, thickness, etc. Don’t compromise on these things. Yes, you can buy a cover at a cheap price that is made from normal material. But, it could backfire on you as you have to purchase another one after a while. Almost all the grill cover material is made from polyester material.

But, this is the thickness that will be different. So, how could we catch the difference? The unit of measurement used is Dernier. This material makes a difference in the thickness of a grill. This letter showed up on the grill cover as “D”.

The higher the number, the thicker the material. The perfect cover should be at least 600D. Apart from polyester, vinyl and canvas also have a good impact on grill cover material.


It’s not a big factor, but it’s still a factor! Keeping a grill in your house is a matter of status! When you’re on a rooftop with your pals and lover, you can show them your grill and its cover. If the cover looks good, then you will feel proud and it will give you immense joy for sure!


If you live in a dry, rainy, or snowy type place, then you must need a fully waterproof cover. A heavy-duty waterproof cover is important for any grill stored outside.

UV Protection

You have to select a cover that has UV protection. Usually, the Weber grill stays outside of our house. Therefore, it has to deal with extreme sunlight and UV radiation. Without good protection, UV will surely permanently damage the cover by fading the color the cover. You’ll surely be sad to see the blotchy color of your beautiful cover!

So, check the specs before purchasing and closely look at whether it is UV protected or not. If the specs don’t show that it is UV protected, then skip it immediately.


Generally, a perfect Weber grill cover possesses the quality of resisting dirt. So, it looks clean all the time. But, not all the time a grill cover will be clean.

Therefore, you have to maintain it. Most polyester covers can be cleaned with clean water. Don’t hesitate to do it at least once a week. Keep it clean and if possible, take extra care of this equipment.

Ease of Use

Handling a cover isn’t always an easy task. The reason? You have to fold it frequently or need to widen the strap to keep it secured. Make things easy by purchasing a cover with handles.

Yes, they’re indeed very simple. Still, not every weber cover contains handles. Without the padded handle, things could be hard for you. They could make a big difference in the end.


A Weber grill cover has to deal with a lot of natural elements like rain, snow, sunlight, etc. If it doesn’t possess enough resistivity, then there’s a big possibility it will get damaged. All the covers in this article contain this trait. If you choose a cover from this discussion, you won’t have to think about it twice.


Yes, it is true that if you increase your budget, you’ll get a good weber cover for your grill. But, one thing is you can even purchase a perfect cover even on the tightest budget. We’ve picked budget-friendly covers and they can serve properly, we can assure you.


Straps are a genuine way to protect your cover from heavy wind. If your grill cover has adjustable straps, then gusts of wind won’t be able to blow the cover.


A grill cover doesn’t have to do a lot of things except protect the grill. But, it could be exposed to natural ingredients. This could be vital and you have to act before it. Purchase a weber cover that has a warranty.

Don’t buy a cover that doesn’t offer any warranty. It will be like shooting your foot. No warranty actually means that the product is low-quality construction.

Why Do We Need a Grill Cover?

Usually, people tend to keep the grill outside or over the rooftop. As a result, various natural damaging elements like rain, snow, wind, etc. can cause massive erosion to the grill. It shortens the lifespan of the grill and makes it unusable.

The most significant threat to the grill is rust. It can literally destroy a grill in a short time. This is the reason you need a good cover for it. A sublime cover can safeguard the grill’s metal parts and keep it safe from natural damages as well as rust.

However, if you use it for commercial reasons or if you keep your barbecue in a shed-type place, then you perhaps don’t need a cover. But, this is exceptional.

How to Take Care of the Grill Cover

Just like every other product, the grill cover also needs some care. If you take care of it, the longevity and workability will increase eventually. Here are some tips we want to share with you-

Don’t Wipe

If you think that wiping the cover is an excellent option to clean the dirt, then you’re absolutely wrong. Wiping won’t do any good but gonna damage the cover. Stop using an abrasive brush to clean the cover. Instead, wash it once a week with clean water. It will do good.

No Chemicals

Sometimes, people tend to use chemicals to wash the cover. But, it is totally a wrong idea. Never use chemicals on grill covers. It will lessen the lifespan of a cover and is going to destroy it slowly. The cover can’t tolerate the chemical material.

You could use regular soap with clean water. No chemical use, please.

No Washing Machine

Don’t try to do such stupidity. Almost all the grill manufacturers deny this. The truth is it’s quite impossible to fit these covers into the machine due to their massiveness. But, certain individuals can still manage to do it. And, it’s nothing but a huge mistake. The washing machine takes away the color of the grill cover as well as tears apart the whole thing.

How Important is Appearance?

It’s really incredibly easy to find a black grill cover. However, when you prefer a more minimal appearance, avoid the garish logos. We love King Kong covers, but not everybody likes gorillas in the house. If you are searching for smart and stylish accessories, look at the classic accessories veranda grill.

These are very sturdy and come in several interesting colors. It has many different matching covers available. You may need instructions on how to clean it. You should not choose a beautiful grill cover that looks like nothing is happening with every rainfall!

FAQs About Weber Genesis Grill Covers

Here are some FAQs on the good grill cover for genesis. Check it out –

What size grill cover do I need?

To get the right-sized cover, first, measure the size of your grills. Now, take a measuring tape or scale and start measuring. During the measuring task, record the height, weight, length, etc. of the cover and compare those with the product we’ve enlisted above.

Do I need to cover my Weber Grill in the summer?

Of course, you are. During the summertime, the heat will be significant. As the heat is so much, there’s a chance the cover of your Weber grill could be heated which is not suitable for the grill. Moreover, the sudden rain, insects, and birds could also harm the grill. So, using the cover is a must during summertime.

Can you put a cover on a warm grill?

No-no-no. Don’t ever do that. If you put a cover on a warm grill, the cover will definitely get busted. The reason is these covers are not flame retardant. As a result, they will get burned and make you a loss. Hence, wait at least half an hour and then cover the grill after using.

How long will this grill cover last?

Under normal climatic situations, it could even last for a lifetime. But, things could change under harsh circumstances. If the climate is not good, the lifespan could be reduced by 20-30 percent. However, a high-quality product can last for a longer period.

Will the Weber Genesis Grill Cover fit other grills?

The Weber Genesis Grill Cover is a one size fits all item that will cover and secure the grill without any issues. It is designed to be universal and will fit most grills with a flat top and at least a 36″ diameter.

Final Verdict

Having a perfect and great grill cover can bring you so many cherished memories. You’ll get excited as well as feel happy. The principal reason is it will shield your lovely grill.

Therefore, you can use the grill for a long time. The grilled food will also enthrall you for sure. We hope that our recommendations and discussions will help you find out a suitable and the best grill cover for weber genesis for your use.

Have you any concerns about the detailed write-up If you have any questions regarding the quality grill cover don’t be delayed to drop your comments below.

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