9 Best Grill Cleaner Spray 2021

Best Grill Cleaner Spray

Let’s just agree that you’re not in a good mood. The satisfaction we get from cooking and eating, cleaning is the exact opposite feeling of that. The more satisfied we are with our food, the more negative vibe we get when cleaning. 

If we list kitchen stuff cleaning according to how tough it is, grill cleaning would probably be first on many people’s lists. To ease you from your pain, we are here to determine the best grill cleaner spray. 

Statistics show that people use grills at least once a week or 15 days in countries like the US, Canada, etc. If you somehow are a barbeque enthusiast, consider the numbers to be double and triple during winter. 

So, it’s evident for every house to have grill cleaner spray. Let’s find out about the 9 best grill cleaner sprays of this year.

Why Spray Is Best For Grill Cleaning?

Before jumping into that, some ought to know why we opt for spray rather than anything else. You see, there are other options for you. You can go for soap, detergent, or any other cleaning agent. But grill cleaner sprays are designed and made with solutions and chemicals that fight against grease, dried thick gravy, oil, coal, etc. 

Also, soap or detergent doesn’t make the process any easier. Some might say it works. But the hardship it takes is not worth it. Also, you can’t get rid of everything. 

On the other hand, spray cleaners have a 99% track record because they are dedicated to grill cleaning. 

The 9 Best Grill Cleaners Spray To Buy In 2021

1. Therapy Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish – The Best Natural Grill Cleaner

Therapy Stainless Steel Cleaner Kit


The one concern that most people have with spray cleaners is that they are made with chemicals, which can cause harm in many ways. What if you can get the best grill cleaner spray and it has natural components? 

We are talking about the best natural grill cleaner folks. Therapy stainless steel cleaner and polish contains coconut extract. This actually tones out the chemicals. 


It can remove smudges, streaks, grease, and the word polish that it contains. Provided you wiped enough, the grill can be good as new. The PH count is safe, despite that it can clean surfaces made of stainless steel not exclusive of grills, microwaves, sinks, stoves, even steel trash cans. 

Why Is This A Top Pick?

Most natural grill cleaners don’t stand up to the mark. They can’t deliver what they promise. But this one stands out. The natural essence only neutralizes the PH so that it doesn’t harm the merchandise but gets the job done.

  • PH neutral
  • Coconut based
  • Can be used on many stainless–steel surfaces
  • Polishing finish
  • Needs a lot of wiping to get perfect results
  • Usually stays out of stock

2. Easy-Off Professional Oven & Grill Cleaner Heavy Duty Grill Cleaner Spray

Easy-Off Professional Oven Grill Cleaner-24 oz Can


Probably every spray cleaner on the list can cut through grease. But what about burnt grease? Certain spray cleaners never show expected results because of the burnt grease left on the oven and the grill. Because they don’t pack the strict formula of the best heavy-duty grill cleaner spray–the Easy–Off Professional Oven & Grill Cleaner. 


It can power through baked-on stains and burnt grime and grease. The formula it contains promises deep cleaning within 3 minutes. You can use it to clean broilers, ovens, grills, etc.

Why Is It A Top Pick? 

Most spray cleaner cans contain formula worth around 16 to 20 ounces, but this one packs a whopping 24-ounce. It’s highly effective and can easily fight heavy burnt grease. The formula is a bit PH unfriendly, but safety measures can take you a long way.

  • Heavy duty
  • Guarantees 3-minute cleaning
  • Can clean baked0on spills and burnt grease
  • Can be used for ovens, grills, and broilers
  • Can be harmful to skin
  • Everyday use but nor everything use

3. Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner KitSafe Grill Cleaner Spray

Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner Kit


Sometimes, a high PH level causes the stainless–steel appliances to lose their color. Then you start blaming the company that made the appliance. But the truth is that these appliances start losing their color due to using high PH level spray cleaners. 

But if you use a safe grill cleaner spray with a neutral PH Level like The Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner, your kitchen won’t just be clean. It will look good as new. 


Leaves a polished finish that can actually make the steel fingerprint resistant, smudges free and dirt-free. You can use it to clean grills, oven, microwave, refrigerator, black steel, stove, trash cans, etc.

Why Is This A Top Pick?

The job description of a grill cleaner spray ends only at cleaning. That means the maximum you expect from a cleaner is to get rid of the grease and smudges. But what makes this one a top pick is that it doesn’t stop only at cleaning. You can literally make the grill look good as new with the extra added polishing. Also, it makes the steel fingerprint-resistant. Who wouldn’t want that?

  • Neutral PH level
  • Doesn’t destroy the color
  • Can be used on a lot of appliances
  • Can keep the steel fingerprint resistant
  • Can’t break down suit because of PH neutrality
  • Bottle only contains 12 ounces

4. Weiman Gas Range Cook Top Cleaner And Degreaser Best Gas Grill Cleaner Spray

Weiman Gas Range Cook Top Cleaner and Degreaser


The suffering begins when you can’t get rid of the grease from your gas range. To do that, you need some powerful formula that can cause a reaction to happen and decrease. That can only be done by the best gas grill cleaner spray, which is the Weiman Gas Range Cook Top Cleaner and Degreaser. 

You may think it’s only for gas range. But not really. It works best on grease. It’s a degreaser. I believe a grill is the one where there can be the maximum amount of grease. 


It’s non-abrasive. You can expect the color of your appliances to stay intact. Despite it not being a natural component whatsoever. Also, apart from kitchen appliances, you can use them on pools, doorknobs, spa, bathtubs, etc. Other sprays above are only limited to stainless steel use. You can use this spray cleaner on tiles, porcelain, ceramic, and fiberglass. 

Why Is This A Top Pick?

We love to buy our stuff for cleaning only if they are somehow multipurpose. Even if they aren’t, we still buy them because we need them. But with a grim smile on our faces, we are definitely not happy. 

This spray cleaner is an instant top pick because of its versatility. You can use it on tiles, porcelain, fiberglass, and ceramic. All in one cleaner.

  • Very powerful degreaser
  • Can be used on a variety of surfaces
  • Non-abrasive
  • Heavy duty
  • Only available in a lemon scent
  • Doesn’t polish

5. Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish – Heavy Duty Grill Cleaner Spray

Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish - 22 Ounce (2 Pack)


Think about a product that is so good that you decide never to use any other alternatives in your life again. Now add the name Weiman to it. Automatically you will be directed towards a Heavy-duty grill cleaner spray the Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish. 

Weiman is a trusted name when it comes to kitchen appliance cleaning. They make such products that can only justify their brand name. 


The added tag heavy duty means something. It’s a statement. The formula is so strong that while testing, people were given three very messy grills to clean. It took an average of only 15 minutes for almost everyone to make them look good as new. Dishwasher friendly. 

Why Is It A Top Pick?

This is an instant top pick because of its versatility. You can use this one surfaces like steel, stone cooktop, etc. You can also clean your floor with it if anything falls on it while cooking. 

  • Heavy duty
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Can be used to clean black steel
  • Floor cleaning
  • Needs some elbow grease if the spots are stubborn
  • Can make the floor slippery

6. Traeger Grills BAC403 All–Natural Cleaner – The Best Natural Grill Cleaner

Traeger Grills BAC403 All Natural Cleaner


Most people are afraid of the chemicals that grill cleaner sprays are packing. That’s why you can see a few people who clean the grill with water after they have cleaned it with a grill cleaner spray. For those afraid of the chemical reaction that can cause harm, I can’t really blame them because some cleaning agents carry such chemicals that can cause harm.

For those who need extra special care, the best natural grill cleaner -Traeger Grills BAC403, the all-natural cleaner. It’s 100% biodegradable. So, you have nothing to worry about 


As it is biodegradable, it is also somewhat made so that it would perish pretty quickly. So, people have used it to clean electric ovens. It is biodegradable and natural yet, can cause a meltdown to the stubborn buildups.

Why Is It A Top Pick?

Why wouldn’t it be a top pick? It works like magic. After spraying, all you need is to wait for a few minutes. People have reported making it work without having to scrub. Just wipe off their grills with a paper towel.

  • 100% biodegradable
  • Heavy duty
  • Works on burnt grease
  • Can clean even 5-year-old burns
  • Sometimes gets lost in shipping
  • People have reported many times that theirs has been found leaking

7. Citrusafe Grill Cleaning Spray – Best Grill Grate Spray Cleaner

Citrusafe Grill Cleaning Spray


Grill cleaners are not expected always to be non-corrosive and non-abrasive. People read everything and just move on with it, knowing that their grill will be losing color and get corrosion pretty soon. But not with this bad boy. The best grill grate spray cleaner, Citrusafe Grill cleaning spray, has a ton of action-packed in a sprayer. 

Citrus is a powerful cleaning agent, which is acidic but does not cause harm to the skin or the appliances in any way. Also, sometimes there’s fear of people that the toxins that a spray carries might not be washed away entirely. They can be pretty problematic. But good news, it’s toxin-free!


Good thing about this spray cleaner is it is phosphate-free. You can use it without worrying about what phosphate can cause to the appliances. Another good thing is that its usage is not limited to grills only. You can use this to clean cookers, ovens, microwaves, smokers, etc.

Why Is This A Top Pick?

When you see a powerful spray cleaner, you expect it to be tough and have many chemicals. It’s citrus-based. So, you can expect it to cause no harm whatsoever. This made it an instant top pick.

  • Citrus based
  • No toxins, Non-abrasive and non-corrosive
  • Can be used on various appliances
  • Best for grill grates
  • Not a heavy-duty cleaner
  • The sprayer of the bottle has a few problems, and it needs to be replaced sometimes

8. Goo Gone Oven and Grill Cleaner – Best Grill Cleaner Degreaser

Goo Gone Oven and Grill Cleaner


Spray solutions are liquid. They usually drip, which causes most formulas to drip to the floor or spread and do nothing. This is a waste. So, Goo Gone came with a solution and turned the liquid into a foam-based solution after spray to make the best grill cleaner degreaser.  

Think about it, when you have a stubborn spot on your clothes, you are suggested to soak them overnight at times, right? It’s exactly like that. You spray the solution on the grease. It creates a foam, soaks into the grease, and reacts. Next, you need is a paper towel or a piece of cloth to clean.


Most spray cleaner contains some sort of an odor that is left behind even after the appliance is cleaned with water. That’s why this is non-fragrant, and also, it’s biodegradable. So, has no harmful reactions whatsoever.

Why Is It A Top Pick?

It’s a top pick because we went through lots of reviews to see is it actually as good as it says on the bottle. The before and after pictures we saw made us realize it is a top pick for every list of grill cleaners.

  • Odorless
  • Biodegradable
  • Doesn’t drip
  • Multiple surfaces
  • Not suitable for cleaning old grills which haven’t been cleaned in a long time
  • Doesn’t clean baked-on crud

9. Parker & Bailey BBQ Grill and Surface Cleaner – Best BBQ Grill Cleaner Spray

Parker Bailey BBQ Grill and Surface Cleaner


You can clean the grill, but till it’s non-sticky, you can’t call it clean. If you can feel your hands stuck in the grill surface both inside and outside, it is nowhere near being clean. Most sprays only clean the grease, but the small residues determine which cleaner is the best BBQ grill cleaner spray. Undeniably it’s Parker & Bailey BBQ grill and surface cleaner. 


Having oily surfaces after cleaning does not ensure the best sort of cooking. If there is residue from the previous use, you can’t expect your grill to run on its full potential. The good thing is that this spray cleaner takes care of the oily residue from the surface and is pretty versatile. 

Why Is It A Top Pick?

Wonder when was the last time your grill shined like it’s new? After getting a good cleaning using the Parker & Bailey BBQ grill ad Surface cleaner, it will look good as new. That’s why it’s one of our top picks.

  • Odorless
  • Leaves no residue
  • Has a polishing finish
  • Can be used on countertops and outside surface of the grill
  • Packaging causes it to leak a few times
  • Reported to have been leaving streaks

What To Look For When Shopping For A Grill Cleaner Spray

We considered a few things while picking those mentioned above 9 best grill cleaner sprays. We’ll discuss this so that you can make better choices regarding grill cleaner sprays yourself.

Cleaning Ability

You’re buying a spray cleaner to clean your grills and other appliances, right? So, the most important thing is to check whether it can actually make things clean or not. Many sprays in the market do nothing.

So, don’t get all riled up seeing the specifications. Do check on reviews and rests to see whether they work or not. We did the same thing. Performed tests and gathered reviews with before and after feedback. 


Buying a spray that only is capable of cleaning one single appliance is not worth it. The amount of money you will be paying for the spray cleaners will not do justice if they are only applicable for one surface and one job.

There are numbers of spray cleaners from which we have listed our nine products that can clean grills. But also, they can clean many other surfaces, including microwave, oven, gas range, and even floors made with tiles.

Having no Side Effects

When you are cleaning your grills with a random spray cleaner, there is always a chance for them to cause corrosion and the color to fade. That’s not what you signed up for. You are paying to get your appliances clean. Not for them to lose their color and cause corrosion.

The spray cleaners listed above are non-corrosive and non-abrasive. Thus, they don’t cause any problems to the exterior of your grills and other appliances.


While dealing with chemicals, safety is quite an issue. These cleaning chemicals can cause harm to your skin, and the fumes can cause breathing issues. Though they are minor, still it is harmful.

So, while getting a spray cleaner, make sure there are no toxins, and the spray is biodegradable. Another thing is that you can use gloves while using the spray to keep safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best cleaner to clean a grill?

You cannot pinpoint one specific spray cleaner to be the best of them all. But if you want us to recommend one, we would surely recommend the Traeger Grills BAC403 All–Natural Cleaner. This has the potential to be called the best. Some might disagree, though. But it is our recommendation.

Is grill cleaner spray safe?

A grill cleaner spray can be as safe as the formula inside it. The chemicals are made in such a way that they cause no harm. But if you want to be extra safe, our recommendation would be to go with Therapy Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish. The base formula of this best natural grill spray is coconut oil.

How to clean grill naturally?

There are many DIY methods to make grill cleaner sprays at home. It does not always pan out to be a success. If you want a natural way to clean your grill, you can go for the Citrusafe Grill Cleaning Spray. It has a natural formula base made with the citrus extract.

Which cleaner works best to clean a grill with burnt on grease?

For burnt grease, our recommendation would be Weiman Gas Range Cook Top Cleaner And Degreaser. It has great degreasing potential that can react with burnt grease quickly and clean the grill or a gas range very easily.

Final Notes

I hope this review will help you to find the best grill cleaner spray according to your needs. Nevertheless, if you haven’t yet decided which one to buy and are looking for any last moment recommendations, just go for the Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish or the Traeger Grills BAC403 All–Natural Cleaner. These two spray cleaners are phenomenal. 

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