Top 9 Best Grill Brush Without Bristles for 2022

Best Grill Brushes Without Bristles
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Maintaining your grill racks can be a complex task for some people. You might have heard about grill brushes for cleaning grates. Are they worth it? Yes! Grill brushes can work wonders for you. Although there is one problem, brushes with bristles can be menacing.

It might clean your product but there is a chance that the plastic or metal wires on the bristles will flake off sooner or later. This might contaminate your food and make it dangerous to consume. What is the ideal solution for this?

We prefer bristle-free grill brushes over anything. These are safe and functional. We have jotted down the 9 best grill brush without bristles, to make your cleaning task effortless.

Image   Customer Ratings Price
GRILLART Grill Brush Bristle Free Wire Combined BBQ Brush Editor Choice

GRILLART Bristle Free Grill Brush
💡 Deep cleaning-4.6
💡 Heat resistance- 4.6
💡 Sturdiness- 4.5
💡 Durability- 4.2
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Kona Bristle Free BBQ Grill Brush Top Rated

Kona Safe/Clean Grill Brush
💡 Durability-4.6
💡 Sturdiness- 4.5
💡 Easy cleaning- 4.0
💡 Giftable- 3.1
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Alpha Grillers - Grill Brush Bristle Free Top Pick

Alpha- Grill Brush and Scraper
💡 Sturdiness-4.6
💡 Easy holding- 4.3
💡 Easy cleaning- 4.0
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The 9 Best Bristle Free Grill Brush For 2022

Between 2005 and 2012, almost 1000 deaths occur due to a wire barbecue brush fire. Why are we not getting rid of the brush wires? No. It doesn’t work as it should. The safety of grilling gear is also important to maintain cleanliness. Let’s compare various grill brush products that can safely clean a grill.

1. Best Grillart Bristle Free Grill Brush (Top Rated)

GRILLART 18'' Stainless Grill Grate Cleaner

You don’t have to worry about metal bristles on top of your food items anymore. GrillArt bristle-free scrapper ensures you the safest cleaning method. This brush is bristles free, thus there will be no wear and tear on the bottom.

This product comes with a very wide scraper, thus it covers more area and effectively cleans the hot grill surface. The front part can take off the grease in a fruitful way just by pushing it on the grill surface. The side of the bush can reach tighter narrow spaces and take all the dirt off.

Being on the flexible side, this cleaner can deal with all kinds of grill pans like charcoal, porcelain and ceramic grates or any range of other grills type. As for the durability of this product, it is made of galvanized twisted wire and top-notch stainless steel. This is completely rust-free and will last you for ages. There is a plastic handle that ensures the safe handling of the brush.

We have picked this item for benign one of the toughest brushes in the market. Not only that, it is completely safe and works wonders when it comes to cleaning.

  • Money-back guarantee or refund
  • Long-lasting design
  • Works on all grill type
  • Convenient scraper
  • Safe to use
  • Cleans larger surface area
  • Hardwearing
  • Rust resistant
  • Stainless material might twist
  • Wires break after extensive use

2. KONA- 100% Rust Resistant Stainless Steel Bristles Barbecue Cleaner (Editor Choice)

Kona Bristle Free BBQ Grill Brush

Looking for something reliable? Try out the Kona Grill brush. The manufacturer made sure you get the best value item on the market. This handy grill brush is very handy and can be used fairly easily compared to other brushes.

Having no bristles to deal with, your food is always safe from unwanted metal bits. The dimension of the item is 18×6 inches, which can be carried around easily. You can simply preheat the grill, then put the brush on water. After that, start to work in sections of the grill grate.

The good thing about this product is that it is compatible with all grill types, such as infrared grill, ceramic, porcelain, and many more. We are in awe of this product because of its positive features. The handle is long enough to keep you away from fire. It’s super comfortable to hold as well, thus you can work your way effectively.

While using this brush, if you go through any mishap, you can always have it changed within the warranty period. Kona as a brand has never disappointed us when it comes to cleaning products.

  • Long handle for good reach
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty
  • Lasts longer than other brushes
  • Suitable for all types of grill
  • No external metal bristles to deal with
  • Value for the money
  • Might have trouble penetrating the side of the grill racks
  • The wrapped wire area is too rigid

3. ALPHAGRILLERS- Best Safe BBQ Cleaner with Extra Wide Scraper

Alpha Grillers - Grill Brush Bristle Free

Make your grill grates spick and span with the Alphagrillers scraper. It is one of a kind grill brush that does the job like a pro. When most of the competitors have wired bristles, the Alphagriller has come up with a safer option that is bristle free design.

Why is it superior? Simply because there will be no harmful worn-out metal bristles left on your food. The no bristle design is made to keep you safe no matter what. The design is very rugged looking, it is in fact on the hardwearing side.

It is one heavy-duty accessory that you can work with for years and years. This can be used on any grill type, making sure you get an immaculate cleaning outcome. This brush can cover a bigger surface area. Three times better coverage compared to other units.

With this item, you get a heavy-duty scraper as well. Clear out all the grease and grimes from the surface more effortlessly. The extra-long handle design gives you the flexibility to cover more areas. It also protects your hand from fire hazards. 

We like this product because it can be used in a wide range of grills such as stainless grills, porcelain and cast iron grill top.

  • Trustworthy brand
  • Extra reach and large surface area
  • Strongly built
  • Can reach tighter spaces
  • No unnecessary bristle
  • Long-Lasting
  • Easy to use
  • Some issues matching groove patterns with grates

4. GRILLART- Best Grill Brush Without Wire Bristles

GRILLART 17 inch Grill Cleaning Brush and Scraper Bristle Free

This is a brush that gives you total control. The handle on it is 17 inches in length and keeps you away from the heat source. The ergonomic craftsmanship is what makes this brush stand out. GrillArt is one of the top brands when it comes to cleaning accessories for grills. 

We recommend this product for its flexibility and function. There are no wire bristles on the end of this brush, therefore we can assure you that no specks will contaminate your food. You will be completely safe using this item. It has a wide surface area coverage, and the flex lets you reach tighter spaces on the grill mat. It is constructed with top tier stainless steel.

You will get a brush that is completely rust-free and extremely durable. It is destined to last for ages without being damaged. The usability is very easy, simply preheat the pan and then use soak the brush on water, then just scrape on the affected area. You will get a pristine grill once you are done. 

With GrillArt you will have the best experience possible and there is no need to keep changing brushes too often.

  • Bristle free brush
  • Long handle for comfort
  • Flexible body and brush head
  • Made of top quality stainless steel
  • Rust free
  • Easy to use
  • Reliable brand
  • Wirehead gets compressed
  • Might require extra effort to get the job done

5. GRILLJOY- Best Bristle Free BBQ Grill Brush

GRILLJOY 18 inch Grill Cleaning Brush Bristle Free

To deeply clean the grate, GrillJoy grill brush is an ideal pick. It has a pleasant looking design and feels sturdy right out of the box. This product comes with a scraper attached to it. It is constructed of top tier stainless steel that is completely rust-free and rigid enough to last longer. 

Remove all the debris and chunks of food with the widespread scraper. The steel woven top is what makes it stand out. There will be no leftover bristles when in use. The sturdy body is extremely solid compared to conventional brushes. You can put it through a range of work, it will keep on performing. 

There is an 18-inch handle for your convenience. It comes with non-slipping materials so that it stays fit and comfortable when you are working with it. We are into this item because of its functionality on all grill types. It is faster to work with and gives a clean finish.

  • Removes tough stains and debris
  • Bristle free mesh design
  • Works on a different kind of grill
  • Comes with a hook for easy storage on the shelf
  • Easy on the hands
  • Faster cleaning
  • Lightweight & Affordable
  • Metal coil might not work on adamant stains
  • Parts get separated in some cases

6. BIRALD- Extra Strong Grill Cleaning Brush

Birald 18 inch Stainless Steel Grill Brush and Scraper Bristle Free

If you have your work cut out, you should blow the steam with the BIRALD grill brush. It is an all in one package you will get in terms of a cleaner. You will also get two sponge scrubs along with the brush.

If the grill grate is extremely shabby, simply give this product a try and thank us later. For charbroil grill, porcelain, iron grills this item is a wonderful choice. There are no external metal bristles, so you are safe from unnecessary metals or plastic bits on your food item.

It has a high-quality long handle that allows you to reach intricate spaces. The construction is of high-quality stainless steel and it is completely rustproof. You get two scrubbers that are made with scratch-resistant materials, suitable for glass, non-stick, metal or plastic surfaces.

Use mild soap and water and work on the cookware to give a good shine. We have it on the list because with this item you can work 5 times faster. It is suitable for all grill boards.

  • Multipurpose cleaner
  • Strong and durable
  • Will last for ages
  • Provides faster cleaning
  • Safe use
  • No peeling of bristles
  • Rust free
  • Steel wires on the head can flake in some cases

7. KITCHEN PERFECTION- Best Grill Brush Bristle Free

Kitchen perfection 3 in 1 Dream Set - Safe Grill Brush and Scraper Bristle Free + Heavy Duty Grill Mat

The KP brush comes with a triple helix design and a high-performance scraper. To remove all kinds of grease from the pan, the scraper does a fine job for you. The side wires on the helix can dig into tighter spaces and remove all unnecessary mucks. 

This unit is compatible with most grill tops, like charcoal grills, iron grills, char broil grills and much more. Its bristle free design does not allow any flaking of wires. Your food remains healthy and danger-free no matter what. 

The 17-inch handle is all about safety. You can comfortably hold and work with this grill brush. Work efficiently and faster with the KP brush, the ergonomic design gives you the upper hand. What we like about this unit is that it is easy to use. It also comes with a grill mat of its own.

The grill matt will certainly keep your grill clean. The mat is dishwasher safe and made of fiberglass, giving you extra protective coverage. Keep it neat with the KP grill brush. 

  • Safe to use
  • No open bristles on the head
  • Comes with a grill mat
  • Rigid handle and body
  • Suitable for most grills
  • Fast action
  • Easy to maintain
  • Scraper is not up to the mark
  • Might have issues with cast iron grates

8. GRILLART- Best Grill Cleaning Brush Without Metal Bristles

GRILLART Grill Brush Bristle Free Wire Combined BBQ Brush

As a manufacturer, GrillArt never ceases to amaze us. Their kitchen wares are top-notch and well-liked by users around the world. This model from grillArt is one of the great grill brush without bristle. The compact size is what makes it stand out. 

You can easily carry it along and work like a pro. The helix and side winded wires give you extra reach on different occasions. It has a wide head that can clean a larger surface faster than ever. The flexibility of it gives you the ability to clean all sides and intricate corners of the grates. 

The handle is made of anti-slip material and is long enough for a safe user experience. Made of sturdy components the handle won’t break or twist anytime soon. This product is made for all kinds of grill types. 

For a handy grill cleaner, this has to be the right product. Work your way efficiently and faster than any other grill scrubs. What are you waiting for? Time to shine the grates.

  • Made of high-quality stainless steel
  • Long-lasting brush
  • Hardwearing
  • Cleans all kinds of grills
  • Flexible & Rust resistant
  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • Wingnuts come loose at times

9. GRILL RESCUE- Best Non Wire Grill Brush

Grill Rescue BBQ Replaceable Scraper Cleaning Head, Bristle Free

Grill Rescue came up with one of the most ergonomic designs you will find on the market. This product has a design that straight up catches your eye and when you pick it up you will be surprised. It not only looks great, but it also works better. 

It is constructed of food-grade polypropylene plastic that gives it strength. With it, there is a high temp kevlar layer to work on the shabby surface. You can use it to clean the grate in a flash and make it look flashy and clean. 

The way to use it is pretty simple. Simply preheat the grate, put this brush into water and then apply it on the grate surface. Scrape it off the way you like and make the grill mat shine like a diamond. Would you like to know the specialty of this brush?

Well, the detachable head is dishwasher safe and can also be put in the washing machine for easy cleaning. We are fond of it because it can be used on any kind of surface, like ceramic, cast iron, stainless steel, infrared grills, etc. it won’t budge.

  • Solid construction
  • Hardwearing cleaning head and handle
  • Heat resistant
  • Will last for ages
  • Ease of use
  • Suitable for all kinds of surface
  • Good alternative to wire brushes
  • The seam on the head comes off easily
  • The head can get burnt after extensive use

Buyers Guide- Best Grill Brush Without Bristles

Before you go on to buy the best grill bristle brush, you must know what makes the best of the best. There are a few things that you must know before you purchase an item. Let’s check out some important criteria. 

Ease of Use

A grill cleaner must be comfortable to use no matter what. You will be pushing and scrubbing your way on the grill pan, so having a lightweight flexible cleaner is always preferred. Look at the GRILL RESCUE grill brush with a scraper for a suitable option. 


Safety has to be your top priority. Grill brushes must be able to withstand heat from the grill grates. There must be a long handle to hold the brush comfortably. It should also keep you away from fire damage.

The Kona bristle free brush on the list above is an item that meets all safety standards. Don’t forget to check the rest of the items.  


Cleaners made with cheap components will wear and tear sooner than later. Grill brushes made with the highest grade stainless steel are preferred for best performance throughout the year. The top handle along with the bottom wire tangled head must be crafted of top tier components.

Check out the AlphaGrillers product on our list. We have mentioned all high-quality brushes made of the best materials.

Handle Length

The handle lengths of grill brushes can also be very annoying as they can not be fixed properly without breaking down the handles of the brush.

For the common grill, 12-inch handles would be sufficient for reaching grill corners without pushing under another shelf.

Dishwasher Safety

This must be done, and cleaning grill brushes is necessary. Does it mean cleaning at home or manually with a dishwasher? They specify dishwashers. If it doesn’t work the dishwasher manufacturers can often help. Although there is no surefire feature to most grillers it makes a dishwasher cleaner the best choice.


It is important to purchase a durable brush. You don’t want to change an item too often. Made of sturdy parts, the rigid body and head let the cleaner last for a longer period without getting damaged. We prefer GRillARt products, they are one of the most durable brushes you will find.  


Not all brushes are compatible with grill machines or grates. The grooves might not fit on the grate and therefore you might end up with grimes handing on to the surface even after cleaning.

To the rescue, we have named 9 of the most compatible grill brushes on the market. These are suitable for a wide range of grill types.


Are bristle free grill brushes safe?

Yes, if you use them correctly. Bristle-free brushes are actually better than bristled ones because they do not get caught in food as easily. But they are no substitute for using a brush. They will work better on a wooden grill or griddle than a cast-iron one.

What is the Safest Grill Brush?

GRILLART Bristle free scrapper and grill brush is one of the safest brushes you will find. It can withstand heat and keep you away from fire hazards with its long handle. 

Why shouldn’t use a wire brush on a grill?

Wire brushes tend to peel off due to extensive use. The stray bristles might end up in your food without you knowing about it. So it’s not safe for you to use wire-bristle brushes. 

What can I use instead of a wire grill brush?

There are few alternatives if you don’t have a grill brush at your disposal. You can use tinfoil (aluminum), pumice stone, wood grill scraper to perform the cleaning task. 

Final Verdict

When you are dealing with cleaning accessories it is advised that you go for the exemplary items. We believe that a small mistake can counter health issues.

For example, cleaning brushes with bristles are a straight no. The metal grill brushes wire can go astray and end up contaminating your food, which is very dangerous. If you have read through this article, you already know the solution to it.

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